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Sally Kindberg’s walk through frosty parklands to Marylebone.

One very frosty morning a couple of weeks ago I walked to Marylebone through Regents Park, remains of the woodland where Henry VIII  and Elizabeth I once hunted deer. The river Tyburn used to flow through Marylebone, so the land … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg and urban wildlife

Elegant giraffe ladies can be seen posing in a tattooist’s window in Camden Town – it doesn’t seem polite to enquire if they are the tattooists themselves. If you happen to be walking through London’s Regents Park nearby, and the … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg and ducks

Today I spent too much time searching for a stash of my favourite new Muji A5 notebooks but instead stumbled on: a dried starfish, six drawings of an octopus (from my Draw It! book series) drawing a picture, a radiator … Continue reading

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  Last week to physio again at the Royal Free Hospital and discovered one of my knee problems was apparently due to strained goose foot (aka pes anserinus) tendon, as well as from recovering torn cartilage.  Funnily enough had just finished another pencil rough … Continue reading

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Out for tea

Yesterday walked across a burgeoning Regents Park from Primrose Hill to Baker Street to have a cup of tea with JS, Dean of Degrees at an Oxford college. Continue reading

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