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Sally Kindberg’s Museum of Dust – dust from the Treacle Well steps

It was the Dormouse who mentioned the treacle well. Before he fell asleep again and was put back in the teapot. The absurdist story of the treacle well occurs in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; there actually is a treacle well, … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg and dentists

How often do you floss? asked my dentist. I didn’t want to say every night, because it sounded like I hadn’t anything better to do, which I hadn’t, recently. The following week I bumped into my old dentist outside the … Continue reading

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More maps

Jorge Luis Borges mentions maps in his short story ‘On Exactitude in Science’.  He describes a map whose scale was One mile = One mile, elaborating on Lewis Carroll’s idea in ‘Sylvie and Bruno Concluded’: “What do you consider the … Continue reading

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Treacle well

To Oxford last weekend.  Walked along the flooding Thames/Isis to St Frideswide’s Well at Binsey, by the side of St. Margaret’s church.  Once a medieval pilgrimage spot, its waters are said to have healing powers – the word ‘treacle’ was … Continue reading

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