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Sally Kindberg and a glimpse of childhood

A glimpse of childhood, originally part of Stranger, a work-in-progress but quite possibly in another form or even another story.  Struwwelpeter was a big early influence.  And the Grimm Brothers.

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Sally Kindberg thinking about the Paper Theatre again

With thanks to Roland Denning for filming an extract of my story Defying Gravity and Paper Theatre performance in 2018. Roland added the sound effects. An almost disappeared copy of a family photo.  My elegant older sister (now dead) on … Continue reading

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Sally Kindberg’s notes about her childhood in Nottingham

This seems to be a recurring theme (far too often?) in notes for my graphic mystery/memoir. From the age of three I occasionally stayed at my grandmother’s house in Nottingham, periods coinciding with my mother disappearing, then turning up with … Continue reading

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