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Sally Kindberg and the importance of green spaces

The first place I visited when I was well enough after having the Corona virus was the Adelaide Community Garden, where I have a tiny square (3′ x 3′) of herbs – rosemary, Moroccan mint, thyme and hyssop, all planted … Continue reading

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Caroline and William Herschel’s garden at the Herschel Museum, Bath

There’s a little garden behind the Herschel Museum, where 18C astronomers Caroline and William Herschel observed skies unpolluted by modern street lighting etc.  It has an air of tranquillity, and is filled with plants thought to be popular in the 18C. 

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China trip part two

Flew north to Shanghai, met by large poet Butler who was also taking part in the three cities’  Beijing Bookworm Festival, in Suzhou, a very boring 2 hours’ drive west of Shanghai along grey motorways.  Suzhou is a delight, a … Continue reading

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