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Sally Kindberg’s Museum of Dust

A few of the exhibits from my Museum of Dust. Most samples collected by me on my travels, but some kindly donated, e.g. dust from inside Dr Who’s Tardis. Each bottle has a story to tell, evoking a location, a … Continue reading

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Draw It!

Looking forward to Draw It! workshop on the 28th May, and big excitement yesterday. Dust from Dr. Who’s Tardis arrived (via, erm, Cardiff’s BBC studios) in an Encyclopedia Gallifreya bottle.  Another fascinating addition to my Dust Museum.  And official date … Continue reading

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Time Travel at Kings Place October 2012

October 2012 and another busy day at the Guardian Big Draw, this time making comic strip books about Dinosaurs and their Time Travelling machines.  More fantastic inventive ideas from children and their parents.  And talking of Time Travelling machines, it’s … Continue reading

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