Sally Kindberg’s workshops at London Zoo

If you can’t wear a pair of special ears while you’re working at London Zoo then when can you?  Last week I was invited to run two visual narrative aka comic strip STORY workshops with Zoo staff, as part of their annual conference.

Great fun, and most excellent outcomes from forty or so Zoo staff.  I was joined by one of the bactrian keepers, a vet, a red squirrel researcher, a shark expert from Wales, members of the finance and IT departments and the Zoo’s CEO amongst two groups of enthusiastic participants.

Photo above by Freddie Patmore 

Initially I briefly turned all the workshop participants into animals, using my Hat of Surprise magic.  See some of them below.

After resuming their human form, and a short talk and demo from me about basic story structure, participants then drew and wrote four frame visual narratives aka comic strips, on the theme of  ‘surprise’. Some wonderful stories emerged, including one by the Zoo‘s CEO, about the hen that lives in his house, who appropriately enough is called Housey.



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