Sally Kindberg and the New Year

2024 started with a bit of a drama.  Laryngitis turned into a rather vile throat infection (epiglottitis) which meant I couldn’t breathe/swallow/speak.  After a difficult night I managed to get to A&E early in the morning – can’t remember how exactly but it must have been by Underground.  I wrote ‘I can’t speak’ on a piece of paper to show the receptionist.  University College Hospital staff admitted me quickly and were efficient and kind. Each morning an ENT doctor did the camera thing up my nose to look at my throat. ‘Would you like to see the video?’ he asked.  I declined.  Eventually I was able to swallow some mashed potato … bliss … I was ‘nil by mouth’ till then. I borrowed a pen from one of the nurses and drew on their whiteboard and later discharged myself, with a big bag of antibiotics.

I’m home, it took a while to feel back to ‘normal’, I’m still croaky, but at the weekend I had a lift to a Magic Lantern meeting upstairs from the wonderful Musical Museum, and here I am playing an ‘Opigan Music Maker’.  Back on form …

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  1. So sorry you’ve been ill, dear Sally. Let’s meet soon. We just got back from Porto, which was lovely and warm and very interesting. Miranda x

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