Sally Kindberg’s House of Dreams workshop again at Swedenborg House again

Last week, once again, eighteenth century polymath Emanuel Swedenborg‘s summer house inspired another workshop event at Swedenborg House. His summer house is in the grounds of Skansen, Stockholm, which I visited when very young.

Above, a rough drawing before drawing the finished template.

Had the memory of the Summer House stayed in my mind, only to surface years later after I started running workshops in Swedenborg House in 2017?  The summer house is a special place, where its owner wrote, played music, planned his garden, thought about his inventions, maybe wrote his Book of Dreams?  I made a card template of the house, for participants to fill with their stories, their inventions, their hopes and dreams for the future, before they cut it out and folded it into a stand alone house with a little garden in front.

Always a delight when a workshop participant dresses up specially for the occasion.

How lovely to welcome participants of all ages to the event and see their creations.  Eighteenth century music, recorded in the summer house, played gently in the background, I played a very short piece on my Triola, children and adults alike concentrated on making inventive interiors of their Houses of Dreams, new friendships were formed, before everyone folded up their houses and took them home.

This comment from a Swedenborg House staff member: Well done on such a successful event! It was lovely to overhear ambient sounds of chamber organ and laughter as I was working yesterday.

This was sent from a participant: Heartfelt thanks for the Wonder of Your Workshop!

And a couple of participants couldn’t make it to the venue so worked from home …




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  2. david armstrong says:

    Lovely stuff, as ever, Sally Kindberg and Co.

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