Sally Kindberg at the Fitzrovia Fete 2023

With thanks to all the Fitzrovia Fete visitors, who with my encouragement, pulled faces and/or drew them. This included newsreader and local resident Paddy O’Connell (who opened the Fete), and poet Jimmy Andrex amongst others.  There were musicians, more poets, an ancient teddy bear, mysterious and moustachioed wheelbarrow racers. Pollocks Toy Museum and the Cartoon Museum  were there too, all organised by the wonderful Fitzrovia Community Centre.

It was good to see copies of the comic strip histories being enjoyed by readers of all ages if they weren’t drawing, and an added bonus at the end of the afternoon, I had a ride in a wheelbarrow …







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2 Responses to Sally Kindberg at the Fitzrovia Fete 2023

  1. david armstrong says:

    Luvvly stuff SK. Xxdavid

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