Sally Kindberg in Nottingham Castle tunnels

Last weekend I revisited Nottingham, where I grew up after we moved there from Devon, where I was born.  Nottingham Castle is built on the top of a steep sandstone rock honeycombed with ancient tunnels and caves.  I’d always wanted to explore them, but when my school organised a school visit to the tunnels, missed the opportunity due to having one of my many childhood illnesses.  But last weekend I made it.  The Cosmic Ray tunnel, where Nottingham University carried out experiments in the 1970s, was sadly closed due to a rockfall, but the rest of the impressive network of tunnels have been recently re-opened. My notebook drawing slightly exaggerates the reach of that particular tunnel, although my grandmother’s house nearby, where I often stayed during early childhood, had a cellar under the house leading to a blocked off cave or tunnel entrance, and who knows where that led.  Nottingham was often known as ‘City of Caves’ because of its many underground spaces.  Drawings/notes from my work in progress.


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  1. Mandy says:

    Love your Nottingham related posts, as I have family history connections in Nottingham, hence why I follow your blog. Great views from the castle. Such a shame the castle has closed its doors this week and the trust has gone into liquidation

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