Sally Kindberg, knots and sailors

I like knots, in fact I once wrote and illustrated a book about them, as well as learning how  to tie them, on a basic sailing course on the North Sea years ago. It was fascinating to talk to former fisherman and sea captain Alan recently at the Folkestone Fishing Museum.  Alan is the former skipper of the fishing boat ‘Good Heart’ and pleasure boat ‘Miss Folkestone’.

Actually he talked about fishing, about which I know nothing, but good to chat with him, and see a display of knots as well as the signage for his father’s boat ‘Yankee’.

The Folkestone display of knots reminded me of this very special knot I glimpsed on my last visit to Falmouth this summer, whilst collecting my Museum of Dust, on display at the extraordinary Cabinet of Folklore and Magic.  The knot’s origins are apparently ancient.  The three knots calm the sea, and when untied by sailors, the wind is released.  Not included in the Folkestone Fishing Museum I noticed.


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  1. david armstrong says:

    Sally Kindberg’s lovely work could be by no other, So beautiful and wholly unique. Oh Yay, oh Yay oh Yay XXdavid

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