Sally Kindberg and the death of a brother

Early on Sunday 31st July my dear brother Christopher died. He was in hospital for three months, at University College Hospital and the Neurological hospital in London.  I read to him and held his hand when I visited over the summer, but don’t know whether he knew. He was an incredibly bright and intensely private child, once wiring up his bedroom door handle to deliver (mild) electric shocks to protect his privacy. He didn’t go to school much, well, neither of us did.

When very small we shared a private language for a while that made us giggle.  We invented kingdoms made from Meccano and cardboard boxes, peopled by miniature knights, cowboys, and toy creatures, we made dens in our overgrown Victorian garden and shared our Beano, Eagle and Dandy comics. Later, Chris’s later favourite authors were Wittgenstein and Dostoevsky.

He studied philosophy, law, maths and computer science at universities in Leeds, Liverpool, Oxford and Imperial College, and much later taught at Middlesex university. He was a kind man, although a master of obfuscation in many ways.  I miss him, our telephone chats and our childhood adventures in Nottingham.

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6 Responses to Sally Kindberg and the death of a brother

  1. david armstrong says:

    Bless you Sally and sending love for your sad loss David xx

  2. Dear Sally,

    This is so moving. Have a great time in Cornwall and let’s meet soon.

  3. Dr. Muthana Jabbar says:

    So very sad to hear about Chris’s passing away; such a loss. I met Chris in 1994 shortly after joining Middlesex University at the Bounds Green Campus; it took a while to get to know him but we became close friends and colleagues. Chris was highly intelligent, knowledgeable, capable, generous, and kind person. He was very much admired and respected by all who associated with, and worked with him. Chris was highly valued by his students for his thoroughness, care, patience and dedication. I shall always remember the numerous philosophical discussions we had over many cups of Cappuccinos at the University Cafeteria, trying to right the world; alas we couldn’t.

  4. Ferdinand says:

    Dear Sally
    My name is Ferdi. You won’t know me, but Chris was a colleague and friend at Middlesex University. I am terribly sorry to hear about this great loss. Chris was such a very nice person and very intelligent. I truly admired his great intellect, honesty and kindness. I left Middlesex in 2012, soon after he also left. I have since been trying to look for him and Muthana to try and establish contact only to see your post. I am completely lost for words at this moment except to say may you find the strength to cope with this loss.

    • SallyK says:

      Dear Ferdinand,
      Many thanks for your kind message, and I’m so sorry you had to find out about his death through my blog post. I’m not sure who Muthana is or whether she was at his memorial as I was full of grief although I managed to read a tribute to him. He was a kind and gentle man and it was horrible to see him suffer and to lose him. I visited him in hospital as much as I could and read to him although not sure he could hear or see me. I will tell his daughter about your kind words.
      Once again, many thanks for your message, and I’m glad he isn’t forgotten, Sally K

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