Sally Kindberg’s Museum of Dust – dust from the TARDIS

As a child I was an avid listener of BBC Radio’s Journey Into Space, fell in love with Dan Dare and his adventures in Eagle comic, and in 2006 went to see Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on the moon, who gave a talk at London’s Roundhouse. He told us about his moon paintings, which he apparently sprinkled with moondust from the Ocean of Storms.  My ambitions to be an astronaut have not, so far, been realised, although I’ve drawn comic strips for Bloomsbury’s Comic Strip History of Space, and more recently chatted to the Astronomer Royal about space travel and gave him a copy of the book.

Imagine my delight when in 2013 a friend of a friend, working on the set of  the ever popular  Dr Who TV series, and hearing about my slowly evolving Museum of Dust, sent me a sample of dust from the TARDIS spacecraft. Just in case you’re not a Dr Who fan, TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  It’s just a fantasy of course, but could this dust hold the secret of imaginary space and time travel?



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