Introduction to Sally Kindberg’s Museum of Dust

My travelling mini-museum of dust is making a guest appearance in Falmouth, Cornwall from mid July until late August.  Dust is fascinating, and after all, we’re made of dust from ancient stars, once responsible for the elements that make up our human bodies.

Can these tiny specific samples evoke their origins, of locations, events and the characters connected to them?  Sometimes the quest for dust includes an adventure, like a walk on the Great Wall of China in thick fog. I usually collect the dust myself, but if not, people can be generous. An archeologist I interviewed for one of my books contributed some AD200 Roman house dust from one of her excavations, and a friend of a friend working on the Dr Who television series generously sent me dust from the TARDIS spacecraft.  Every little bottle has a story to tell.  More stories to follow, see links below …

Dr Who’s Tardis

The Treacle Well

St Michael’s Mount Pilgrims Steps

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Mummy wrapping

Wilton’s Music Hall

Celebrity Big Brother house

Bank of England

London clay (from 55m underground)

Swedenborg House 18C archive

Little Tich automaton

Pollocks Toy Museum

Master Carver Hugh Wedderburn’s workshop

French poets’ London lodgings

London Saharan dust

Great Wall of China

HMS Victory

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