Sally Kindberg’s podcast on how she pitched Tricky Tricks, her first published book

Many years ago I pitched my first children’s book, about my versions of various magic tricks. I was asked to demonstrate one to the publisher.  It went very wrong but happily there was a positive outcome … Tricky Tricks.  Listen to what happened here.

With apologies to Lovely Daughter for sawing her Action Man in half for the Visit From Outer Space trick, and for getting her to try out silly tricks so I could draw them. Tricky Tricks is still available btw!

Coincidentally on the day my podcast went live I was in Clerkenwell, London and checked out if the magic shop was still there – so many fabulous old businesses have disappeared recently.  It was, and I chatted briefly to Barry the Magician who showed me a card trick, although not how it’s done, obviously.  Recommend a visit!


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