Sally Kindberg’s notes (possibly for her mystery/memoir)


From the Nottingham Caves Survey February 2011

 One of the major goals of the project is to assess the archaeological importance of Nottingham’s caves. Some are currently scheduled monuments and are of great local and national importance. Some are pub cellars and may seem less vital to the history of the City. Why should I let you in my house? All Nottingham’s caves are important, not only the famous ones. To know how many there are, what they all do, how far they extend, and whether your cave is a unique example or is representative of a type, it needs to be on the database. Recording your cave will help protect not only that cave but all caves, and help to preserve Nottingham’s unique and fragile resource for future generations.

“I don’t want to live underground!” I wailed. Thick fog swirled outside. I glimpsed the cavernous sides of a rocky tunnel. What seemed like a crack in the earth was actually a road, leading past Nottingham Castle squatting overhead on its sandstone rock, to my grandmother’s equally gloomy house.

Years later, I loved exploring the Castle’s dark and dusty corridors. Its cabinets of mysterious objects with almost indecipherable labels were especially fascinating. Maybe this explains my interest in developing the Museum of Dust ?


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