Sally Kindberg gets nostalgic about travel

About twenty years ago I was commissioned by Discovery, Cathay Pacific’s inflight magazine to illustrate a journey round the Isle of Man, travelling with writer Ron McMillan who drove the car.  I was supposedly the navigator of our trip, following the TT circuit round the island (Ron’s idea). Due to my rather misleading navigational skills, we initially drove the wrong way round, having all sorts of adventures en route, encountering an exciting tractor competition (or was it a race?), excellent puddings and a fairy bridge. Sadly no fairies glimpsed though. We also had tea with my uncle and aunt (see top right) whom I hadn’t seen for many years. My uncle, an RAF pilot during WW2, then an elderly boy racer, is dead now, and I’ve lost touch with my aunt again. Whilst I was there I sent my mother some kippers by post – you can still get them. She didn’t appreciate the surprise at the time.

I run picture map workshops for all ages, this year they will probably be via Zoom. Check this link for past workshops.



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