Sally Kindberg and ducks

Today I spent too much time searching for a stash of my favourite new Muji A5 notebooks but instead stumbled on: a dried starfish, six drawings of an octopus (from my Draw It! book series) drawing a picture, a radiator key and my Acme Duck Whistle (see above left) amongst other things, but no notebooks.  I’ve spent many a happy hour wandering the Essex salt marshes pre-Covid and have to say the Acme does not work. No ducks flocked to my side to say a friendly quack. I’m now thinking of taking the Acme to the Regents Park lake to try it out.  At the very least it may scare off some of the non-socially-distancing runners etc. puffing and panting and blocking the paths.

Late addition … this lunchtime spotted this on a nearby railing … maybe the Acme does work after all …

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