Sally Kindberg’s 5-second Zoom portraits

One evening this week I decided to use my new Pentel brush pen at a Zoom event run by the Frontline Club, giving myself 5 seconds to draw each portrait.  A new thing for me – something I’ve probably asked my workshop students to do in the past – challenging and great fun.

Interesting to see how speakers often covered their faces whilst thinking what to say.

A friend, film-maker Roland Denning, commented: When I studied philosophy, a lot of people had pipes so when they were asked a difficult question, they would puff on their pipes, and it looked as though they were thinking intensely, when often they just didn’t know what to say.  I would twiddle the ends of my moustache.

More 5-second-portraits from various Zoom events this week… one person was asleep I think, or maybe just thinking … then my ink ran out.



And last night at the British Museum’s Zoom event with Dr. Irving Finkel …

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