Sally Kindberg’s online Swedenborg workshop (with live drawing)

Yesterday ran my first online Zoom-y workshop for Swedenborg House, preceded by a fab promotional video made by Jacob Cartwright.  Great to meet everyone and tell them briefly about polymath Swedenborg and some of the mysterious objects from Swedenborg House, using a combination of video, live drawing, pages from my leporello and photos. You can see a replica of Swedenborg’s wig in the Bookshop when it re-opens next week.

Who stole Swedenborg’s skull? What did Swedenborg invent, and what did 18th century people use as hair gel to put on their wigs? Rather disgustingly, it was animal grease. Just a few of the topics! Fantastic to meet up with participants and share their drawings and ideas. Here are some of them, including pictures of facial expressions. Great fun!

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