Sally Kindberg escapes to the seaside

There have been builders in the upstairs flat for the last three months, and they’re still there.  Every so often I’ve managed to escape dust clouds and noise to go to the seaside for a couple of days, and the weather has been amazing, even, in the case of Brighton, warm enough to swim at 7am. Heaven!  Although I’m not a brilliant swimmer, so it was mostly rolling and splashing about/floating in the sea close to shore.  In Folkestone I sat in Mark Dion’s seagull on wheels, and wondered about moving house. With thanks to Mick Williamson for the seagull photo.

A later seaside visit to Folkestone included visiting St Eanswythe‘s pool and glimpsing an elusive newt, taking a tiny Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch train – our engine was called Hercules (see below) – from nearby Hythe to Dungeness, and drinking tea in an outdoor cafe overlooking Sandgate beach.

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