Sally Kindberg’s 101 Activities

Some years ago I worked on a book idea, 101 Activities, which was almost picked up by a small independent publisher in the US, but it went bust I think, and I forgot all about the drawings after getting involved in many other commissioned projects at that time.

Whilst looking for something else recently, I found the drawings again, and thought they were quite a propos  recent events and the experience of being in isolation.

Some of my original text:

When mundane activities are isolated, in both a formal and temporal sense, they may become mysterious.  The activity and/or the importance of the objects involved is exaggerated and meaning is questioned.

How many times does an action have to be repeated before it is seen as excessive? Does its function become obsolete? How many everyday activities are manifestations of an obsession? Are they necessary to reassure us that we have some control over our lives? How important is our own commitment to everyday rituals?



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