Sally Kindberg – still in isolation – Camden New Journal, and some info in the British Medical Journal

Yesterday a kind fellow allotmenteer left these, sparkling with raindrops, at the top of my steps.  What delight from the outside world. Another kind friend and neighbour took bulbs (a present from someone else) to my tiny allotment square and planted them for when I can be there again.  It’s over four weeks (maybe five – I’ve lost count) since I was out, and still plagued by the horrible bug with its dawn attacks of fever/headaches/nausea/tight chest etc.   But still breathing.  Always a bonus. Fingers crossed. Some of my virus diary appeared in the local newspaper Camden New Journal.

Photo taken pre-corona btw!

Interesting to see this today – Professor Paul Garner writes about his Corona Virus experiences in the British Medical Journal

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