Sally Kindberg’s workshop with Andrew Wille and Words Away

Great fun and intriguing results when Andrew Wille and Wordsaway asked me to join them at a Water Ways writing workshop – one of a series – and get writers drawing, in my invited role as a Wave Maker. Very exciting!

What better way to warm up than close your eyes and draw a self portrait in the dark?  Then I asked participants to choose a character from my trusty Hat of Surprise and make a four frame story – using my version of a yonkoma manga structure. There were fish involved btw.

Here’s amazing book doctor Andrew Wille, who devised the workshop day with Kellie Jackson Here he is with his special Simon Seahorse self portrait and a four frame comic strip. We all had appropriately watery noms-de-plume for the day (I was Seashell).

And here’s a bit of a four frame story I started on the workshop flip chart …Some comments …

A.W: Thank you for bringing drawing and your energy into class

E.A: Brilliant day … playing with drawing and finding new ways of seeing

K.J: I especially loved the exercise where we closed our eyes and sketched our own faces – hilarious and illuminating results!

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