Sally Kindberg at Swedenborg’s birthday party, and a review of The Hand Book

Yesterday was the launch of the second Swedenborg Review and a delightful celebration of Swedenborg’s birthday. Devin P. Zuber gave an intriguing talk about his new book A Language of Things. Amongst other topics his talk considered the threat of extinction to many wildlife species in the 19th century,  but seemed to ignore the fact that the original peoples of America were facing extinction at that time.

The latest Review mentioned my Hand Book, now on sale at the Swedenborg House shop, and includes suitably mysterious and evocative photographs of Swedenborg’s summer house by Anonymous Bosch, using a pinhole camera. I’m particularly interested in the summerhouse, re-sited in Skansen near Stockholm, which I visited one summer when I was a very small child. A visit to Skansen features in Sputnik, my graphic story, a work in progress. I’m looking forward to running another workshop at Swedenborg House in May.

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