Sally Kindberg’s workshop at Swedenborg House again

Very happy to be asked to run workshops at Swedenborg House again, and wonderful to see more impressively creative work from children.  One family came back for the third time!  I encouraged children to draw a comic strip about their inventions – Swedenborg was a prolific inventor – after a session drawing facial expressions with the help of young volunteers who pulled faces for us all.

The Swedenborg House Bookshop very kindly made a fabulous display of some of my books, including the Draw It! series, published by Bloomsbury, and The Hand Book (of hope and dreams) published by Design For Today.

Downstairs in the Magic Lantern Room, where children drew with quills and pots of ink in 18C fashion, you could see a copy of Swedenborg’s Books of Dreams.

There were two consecutive workshops, a chance to explore and draw using my Swedenborg leporello, then tea, chats and book signing afterwards.

A great afternoon, and many thanks to a fantastic team of volunteers!

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