Sally Kindberg’s workshop at the Guardian’s Family Art Day

Great fun as always taking part in the Guardian’s annual Cartoon and Family Art Day at Kings Place in London, along with twenty or so other artists.  Children made wonderfully inventive and ghastly ScaryZines all about their own Creepy Hotel at my especially vile and awful workshop table.

So thrilled when two members of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment made music for my Creepy Hotel!

One of my baby spiders – which feature in my Draw It! Monsters book – found a home on the front page of the Guardian at Lawrence Zeegan’s workshop. The (very) young artist explained she was going to feed her spider on bagels btw.

Always want to take part in other artists’ workshops but there’s never time … Here are artists Alex Leadbetter at her Sea Table, and Andrew Logan in one of his impressive sunshine masks.


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