Sally Kindberg in the Lake District Part One: Kendal

Always take essentials when travelling, especially when you’re heading for the Lake District to run a workshop, take part in a comics festival and do a bit of exploring.

When not running my workshop there were comic-related talks and events to investigate, comic creators from around the world to chat with and a great market to visit – Cecil’s sausage etc stall looked like a meat-lover’s heaven.  I’m vegetarian by the way.

LICAF‘s series of pecha-kucha (Japanese for chit-chat) were intriguing. Quantum mechanics eh … some notes I made at one of these I attended.  At least I think I was there.

Very early in the morning my hotel in Kendal was evacuated – the fire alarms went off. Apparently a guest had been over-enthusiastic with his deodorant spray which activated the alarms system.  Sleepy half dressed guests stumbled outside into the rain before being told it was a false alarm.  Rather than apologise, the over-deodorised guest then complained to management about a cobweb in his room.  Had he been inspired by the Halloween decorations in the hotel lobby I wondered?

After my busy workshop at Kendal Library I was entertained by Edward Taylor’s Godzilla vs The Fatberg performance using a kamishibai (Japanese paper theatre) made by his partner Sue Auty.Good to see make-up artistes Bunny and Chip in action again in part of LICAF‘s Family Zone.Saturday night in Kendal was LICAF‘s Leather Night Party, referencing Tom of Finland comic books.  I opted for a quiet dinner with friends, although I spotted several aficianados staggering down to breakfast in the hotel the next day, and Tom of Finland appeared in my LICAF goody bag …

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