Sally Kindberg’s Space Trail workshop at the Institute of Physics Family Day

What a fantastic day at the Institute of Physics on saturday at their Moon Adventure Family Day!  Over one hundred and seventy people came in to draw comic strips and their journeys into space, and encouraged by an army of volunteers, made space badges, tried to assemble Lego whilst wearing astronauts’ gloves and posed for photos.  As well as exploring space by drawing it, families explored the Moon Adventure exhibition in this great venue close to Kings Cross in London.

The workshop wasn’t exactly a game with dice etc (my original idea above) as there were logistical problems with so many families dropping in at different times, but what brilliant ideas from those taking part!  A space hotel, a melting planet, shark spacecraft, a diversion to the sun, alien attack, the Rubber Duck asteroid – and lots of other challenges  including my contribution – a couple of Black Holes.  Luckily I’d included a Health & Safety warning, so no astronauts were lost.  As far as I know.  Great to see children reading copies of The Comic Strip History of Space afterwards.

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