Sally Kindberg’s workshop at Swedenborg House – back by popular demand!

When a room suddenly goes quiet (apart from sounds from the Whispering Cupboard of course), you know that everyone is happily concentrating.  And what wonderful results!  Very happy to be asked back to Swedenborg House to run another workshop, and see more than forty children, and some adults too, draw mysterious objects, inventions (18th century polymath Swedenborg was a prolific inventor), intriguing comic strips and facial expressions.  Lots of drawings in copies of my Swedenborg leporello as well!

Thanks to participants who obligingly pulled faces so we could draw them! Some children decided to time travel back to the 18th century – with the help of a wig or two …

One of the many quotes from parents: It was really fab. Everyone was so lovely and bright and helpful. Thank you so much for all the care and effort you put in to the day. The kids really enjoyed it. And I got to have a go so I did too! 

With thanks to Avery of Swedenborg House for extra photos.

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