Sally Kindberg’s visit to The Hague, including a cocktail at L’hotel des Indes and listening to a singing comet

Last month I visited friends in the Hague for a few days, flying to Rotterdam first from City Airport in London.  What courteous staff at Rotterdam, compared to those at City Airport!  Staying with my friends was a delight, and I managed to visit a new English children’s bookshop in nearby Wassenaar. Chatted with its enthusiastic owner, about workshops amongst other things.

Treated my friends to a cocktail at the opulent L’hotel des Indes, built in the nineteenth century. Previous guests included Josephine Baker, Mata Hari and Anna Pavlova.

My friends kindly drove me to the nearby Space Expo at ESTEC, part of the European Space Agency site, and I was in heaven.  There were not only inspirational comics about space, but a recording of a singing comet, a piece of moon rock and a facsimile of part of the Russian Zvezda ISS capsule, complete with religious icon – combining faith in the spiritual and scientific.

My visit to the Hague ended with a brisk walk through woodland to the beach at Scheveningen.  It was raining, but there was birdsong, and an elegant tree by the beach, all ready for Christmas …

Comets from one of the pages I drew for The Comic Strip History of Space.  None of them duck shaped.

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