Workshop event at Swedenborg House again

Another of my explore and draw events at Swedenborg House produced fine results from young visitors again.  First of all we did some warm-up drawing exercises, including drawing different facial expressions on a young Swedenborg – thanks to some brave volunteers who pulled faces for us!

 After listening to the intriguing Whispering Cupboard with a replica of one of Swedenborg’s inventions – a nifty hearing trumpet – and drawing comic strips about the theft of Swedenborg’s skull, visitors set off with their leporellos to explore the premises and look for more mysterious items to draw …

The Hall of Discovery is currently showing an exhibition of Swedenborg and English Romantics, which includes some of the leporello items … a skull, a piece of Swedenborg’s ear, his walking stick, a lock of his hair etc.

Meanwhile in the Magic Lantern Room, where you can find a replica of Swedenborg’s Book of Dreams, dozens of feather pens were in action as young visitors had fun getting to grips with using quills dipped into pots of ink, before coming back upstairs for fruit juice and cake.  A great afternoon!

At the end of the event, after thanking some of the brilliant support team, I was asked to pose by the flip chart, and to sign books.





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