Comic strip workshop at the Guardian Reading for Pleasure Conference

Monday was the day of the Guardian’s Reading for Pleasure Conference, where I was running a comic strip workshop for teachers and librarians.  Here’s an early morning picture of my Hat of Surprise ready to go, along with assorted characters from children’s books, for participants to make into comic strips stories about overcoming obstacles (in this case the recent visit from the ‘Beast from the East’) on their journeys. Would the comic strip characters undergo a personality change as they struggled to reach their destination?

The Conference speakers were brilliant, and it was fascinating to see how other people ran their workshops – I especially enjoyed poet Simon Mole‘s event.  Had this fab feedback yesterday from Margaret Holborn, Head of the Guardian’s Education Centre

Thank you for a fantastic workshop yesterday – the teachers absolutely loved it.  You gave lots of brilliant advice and confidence and they loved drawing characters.  It was such fun – something teachers don’t always get to experience!

With thanks to the Guardian for conference photos.

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