Workshops at Heathmere Primary School

Last week some of the Heathmere Primary School classes went on a visit to central London and the City.  Yesterday they told me all about it using story maps, after I showed them different ways people have used map making.

We looked at my Draw It! London book, as I told them about some of the things I’d discovered while researching it.

They loved the story of the fox that lived in the partly built Shard for instance, and how workmen on the site fed him sandwiches and called him Romeo.  Romeo appeared in some of their map drawings (see pics), as well as a lost whale.  And a Job Centre.  Here are a few of the children’s many delightful and imaginative drawings, including one about the changing seasons … love the Summer bird!

Greatly looking forward to going back to the school, and taking part in their Reading Festival in June.

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