A visit to Tim Hunkin’s Novelty Automation machines in Holborn

A couple of weeks ago I was walking in Holborn and saw an intriguing neon arrow pointing to a darkened doorway.  It just happened to be Singles Night at Tim Hunkin’s Novelty Automation venue in Holborn, London. It was early.  The only other people there were the brilliant inventor/engineer/artist/cartoonist Tim Hunkin and a charming man with a flashing light on top of his head.

I was hooked!  Not only did I engage with the Money Laundering Machine, have a foot massage, a disconcerting experience with the Autofrisk Machine (which claimed I was ‘suspicious’), I also took part in a successful Hadron Collider experiment.

 Sadly my nerve failed at the fierce dog machine, maybe due to its drooling (possible) dog spit onto my hand at the same time as growling fiercely. “Even my wife, who loves dogs, always finds this machine frightening,” said Tim H.

I recommend a visit to this wonderful venue.  Though maybe not on a Singles Night.

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