Sally Kindberg – British Science Festival event and workshop

Last week I joined broadcast journalist Alex Fitch, ecologist Chris Sandom, writer Alex Frith, artist Daniel Locke and astrophysicist Kathy Romer at a panel discussion called Drawing On Science at the Onca Gallery in Brighton, part of the British Science Festival 2017.  We discussed how comic strips could be used to present scientific ideas, as for example, in The Comic Strip History of Space.

Afterwards Daniel, Kathy and I ran a space themed comic strip workshop inspired by quotes from Kathy’s Dark Energy site, which participants could pick at random. Some brilliant interpretations while Daniel and I did a bit of live drawing.  Afterwards there was cake at a nearby cafe – an after workshop essential.

Comment from H, one of the participants, visiting the Festival from Germany: Thank you and all other artists for the awesome workshop in Brighton. It was a blast. Also I like your website and your work shown there! Absolutely stunning.



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