Sally Kindberg’s workshops at Avondale Park Primary School

Spring is here at the moment, and what better way to spend a spring day than hatching a few dodos, and drawing monsters at four workshops with enthusiastic and delightful children at Avondale Park Primary School .  None of whom were  monsters btw.

One of the children’s classroom topics is about endangered species. I wondered if the class would like to bring an extinct species to life?  I had dodo eggs to hatch, and the class was soon busy cutting these out and glueing the opening shell so a variety of young dodos could hop out.  There were a few multiple births, and many appropriately unusual sound effects.

The other workshops were monster related so I brought along my book Draw It! Monsters and asked the classes to draw the monsters they’d like to be, and to suggest some vile activities for the monsters’ school timetable, and draw items for monsters’ lunch menus.

Pinching, making horrid smells and ruining someone’s birthday party were on the monsters’ school curriculum, and stinky socks, sick and slime smoothies featured on their menus.  The children’s ideas and drawings were impressive – and suitably disgusting!

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