Sally Kindberg in Dorset

Lovely to see snowdrops en route to the wild Dorset coast, where stormy winds and rough seas battered the coast.  Stayed again in the mermaid house before the owners move, and had a look round Linzi West‘s studio before that moves too.

The next morning did my knee strengthening exercises by the (much calmer) sea, keeping my eye on the horizon while standing on one leg at a time.  Luckily at 7am no one around to see this.  Wonderful to breathe in the fresh sea air while impersonating a flamingo.

Later caught the X53 bus from Lyme Regis in sunshine, sitting at the front on the top deck as we roller-coasted the route past Golden Cap to Bridport, where it was market day.  Discovered the wonderful Arts Centre and fabulous Snooks the hatters, where you can buy every sort of headgear from a fez to a fascinator.  Luckily didn’t need to test their walking sticks on this visit …

Delightful chats with Steve the stamp man at the market, and designer and seamstress Jane who works part-time at Snooks and whose studio is in Bridport’s old rope factory.  Lunch at the Arts Centre after seeing an exhibition and admiring Paul Blow‘s witty mural.

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