Workshops at Seven Stories, National Centre for Children’s Books, Newcastle


Dinosaur activity?  Visitors from outer space?  It was all happening at Seven Stories on June 18th!  Accompanied by copies of Draw It! Dinosaurs and The Comic Strip History of Space, I travelled north-east to meet some young Earthlings …

SS7SS16SS19SS23SS17The impressive National Centre for Children’s Books aka Seven Stories is housed in a converted grain warehouse on the banks of the Ouseburn in Newcastle, and it’s full of all sorts of delights for children, including a brilliantly stocked bookshop.


Space cover copy



SS3Dinosaur egg hatching?  Intergalactic comic strip adventures? Extraordinary and wonderful results from children taking part in my workshops.  In the morning children aged 5+ (and their parents) persuaded strange and fabulous prehistoric hatchlings to emerge.


SS8In the afternoon workshop for older children we made comic strips and folded comic strip books of amazing alien exploits.  One book showed how a spaceship is constructed, just in case you need to know …



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