Solar eclipse, Primrose Hill, March 20th 2015

Joined hundreds of people walking up Primrose Hill this morning to view an exciting eclipse that just didn’t seem to happen, or if it did we didn’t notice. Desperate press photographers perked up when they saw the number of inventive pin-hole cameras though. Restless schoolchildren with Health & Safety specs enjoyed a morning out despite the lack of drama in the cloudy skies, and I did a bit of reportage drawing on the back of an envelope.
PH eclipse 2


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3 Responses to Solar eclipse, Primrose Hill, March 20th 2015

  1. Lindy says:

    Marvy. And did you do those scribbles with two pens in both hands at once?

  2. Love the boxes, scribble and redundant sun sheild specs. Yes – sadly the sky and upward turned faces in Lincolns Inn Fields as I cycled past were blankety blank!

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