Twelfth Night celebration at Bankside, London

It was eleventh night actually, not twelfth, but great excitement as a Green Man arrived at Bankside steps, brought by the Corporation of London’s little cutter Trinity Tide.  The powerful Thames was on the turn, and tricky enough for a mere man to land, let alone a walking holly bush.  Accompanied by bagpipes and a polar bear playing a fiddle, this disconcertingly arboreal creature walked through a crowd of onlookers as they sang:  Blow wind, blow boat well, Ride high on the tide, Every beam and every sail, Bear the crew bravely home, Each sailing day.  Other members of the Lions Part theatre company sold cakes and postcards before processing to the George Inn, Southwark.

holly man arrives by boat

Holly man arrivesholly man 2bear with fiddlebaby bear

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  1. Lindy says:

    Yep. wacky as usual. It looked marvellous fun.

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