Sally Kindberg at Bologna Book Fair and Fiesole

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In March set out for Italy to take part in a SCBWI Duelling Illustrators event with Bridget Strevons-Marzo at Bologna Book Fair.  Stayed at a converted convent pensione on a Fiesole hillside overlooking Florence, with Bridget, Candy Gourlay, Anita Loughrey and Emma Nicholson.  All about the BBF event here for We Love This Book. Previous festival reviews here and here.

notebook 3 mar 2014

Danced briefly in a Bologna bookshop (as you do) after the Fair.  Francisco, one of the bookshop owners and master of vinyl, played Elvis and Aretha Franklin before we headed off to catch the last fast train to Florence.  Later explored Monte Ceceri,  where da Vinci tried out one of his flying machines so they say.  Another day, at the da Vinci Museum to see his notebooks and large wooden models of his inventions.  Impressed by Leonardo’s fountain pen and mirrored room, as well as automaton and ornithopters of course.   My Draw It – London book arrived just in time for the Book Fair, great company at the pensione, and I drank the best cup of hot chocolate ever at tiny Alcedo’s in Fiesole.  What more could you want?

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notebook 2 mar 2014  notebook 4 mar 2014Tuscany:London book


da Vinci's mirrored room

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