ding dong mapI love maps!  Maybe because I’ve a very bad sense of direction, but more because they are full of possibilities.  I’ve drawn many illustrated maps for newspapers (including a G2 cover for the Guardian, see below), but mostly for the Independent on Saturday’s weekend walk features.  I enjoy walking too, and writing as well as illustrating,  so started on an additional career as a travel writer.  My first feature for the Independant was called “Round the Ding Dong”, a rather eventful exploration of Cornwall’s Ding Dong moors named after its long abandoned eponymous tin mine.   Eventful because a mist came down, we got lost (a kind friend was carrying our weighty supplies for a day’s expedition), and the moor was sprinkled with hidden mine shafts, as well as mysterious stone circles looming out of the seafog.

MAP G2 Guardian cover copy

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