Meeting Mr Punch exhibition – that’s the way to do it! etc


A wonderful exhibition launch! With cakes!  Much help from MW with organisation, and Lisa Hauck’s Hair Salon, former home of Leslie the Punch and Judy man in the 1930s, was a perfect venue.  Emerald‘s design expertise and Sabine’s medicinal (ahem) Mr Punch’s Special Mixture were much appreciated, “Professor” Leslie Press arrived with Mr Punch in his battered suitcase (he soon emerged), Alice from the Camden New Journal did her stuff,  Mike Urban took these most excellent photos, apart from the strange and wonderful one of Mr P in a suitcase by Peter H, the sun shone in an appropriate manner, and there was general happy chatting and mingling.  Oh, and I sold some pictures. Hurrah!

Sally Kindberg and her photographs with Lisa Hauck, Salon owner.


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