Meeting Mr Punch exhibition – getting ready

Much activity at the SK Studios (aka small table in back room of very small apartment) getting ready for the Meeting Mr Punch teaparty launch on sunday 9th September (3 days away in fact – yikes!) at 148 Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill.

Punch and Judy man Leslie Press is due to make a guest appearance with his troublemaking companion Mr Punch, celebrating his 35oth birthday this year.  Sabine, cakemaker extraordinaire, is working on perfecting Mr Punch’s Special Mixture, the Crocodile has gone missing (typical), and I’ve buffed up a large teapot ready for action.

Folding booklets – about how a chance encounter in Covent Garden led to Meeting Mr Punch – proved a bit of a challenge last night, but the design by talented graphics expert Emerald is hugely appreciated.

The space at number 148, where Leslie Press lived as a boy before being evacuated in WW2, is now a hairdressing salon run by charming Lisa Hauck who also uses the salon to display small exhibitions.


Limited edition prints of photos and drawings, postcards and the elegantly designed Meeting Mr Punch booklet will be available – as well as opportunities to drink tea and Mr Punch’s Special Mixture of course.

And if you miss the teaparty on the 9th, the exhibition runs from 11th September until 12th October.  That’s the way to do it! etc.

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