Who is community?

To Stratford last night.  Caught the Javelin high-speed train from St Pancras, walking under extraordinary rattling sound overhead – huge hailstones on the glass arched Barlow roof.  Stratford environs very J.G. Ballard. Artist Bob and Roberta Smith aka Patrick Brill has collaborated with film-maker Tim Newton to make ‘Who is community?’.  Bob and Roberta’s paintings on display in Stratford Underground entrance. Liked the moustache motif – some of the film’s action takes place in one of the main character’s twirler.  Most excellent evening at Stratford cinema watching films about artists in Leytonstone, ‘Trimming Picasso’, a fictionalised account of Picasso’s visit to Sheffield in 1950, and ‘Who is community?’.

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  1. Emerald says:

    Sounds like a good evening 🙂

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