As well as being an illustrator, travel writer and author of children’s books, Sally Kindberg qualified as a City of London Guide in 2006, and is now Profiles Correspondent for Cityguide Magazine, contributing a series of features about London’s curators. London is full of fascinating museums, and she decided to talk to the people who work there, men and women with enthusiasm and specialised knowledge, and find out what makes them tick.  This series includes interviews with curators of less well-known museums (often tucked into hidden corners of the city) as well as those from the more famous ones.

John Keyworth
Curator of The Bank of England Museum, London, EC2R

Stephanie Pickford
Curator of Dr Johnson's House, London, EC4

Mike Seaborne
Curator of photography at The Museum of London, London, EC2Y

Karen Howell
Curator at the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret Museum, SE1

Derrick Coyle
Ravenmaster at The Tower of London

Jane Spooner
Curator of Historic Buildings at the Tower of London

Roland Hoggard
Clock Man

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