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Primrose Hill Dog Show September 2016

Stylish coats, scarves, tonics, treats (including beer) were all on offer in Primrose Hill at the weekend for a host of canine visitors. Doting owners could get their companions’ portraits painted, or treat them to an ice cream …

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Pen and ink portraits of Primrose Hill people for Faces of the Hill exhibition

 Earlier this year I was asked to make portraits of three Primrose Hill characters for a Faces of the Hill exhibition in north London.  As I drew them, I asked people a few things about their lives.  The sitters were Theo, a librarian,  … Continue reading

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Meeting Mr Punch exhibition – that’s the way to do it! etc

  A wonderful exhibition launch! With cakes!  Much help from MW with organisation, and Lisa Hauck’s Hair Salon, former home of Leslie the Punch and Judy man in the 1930s, was a perfect venue.  Emerald‘s design expertise and Sabine’s medicinal (ahem) … Continue reading

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