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Sally Kindberg’s work in progress

How do we make sense of the world when those we trust the most make us doubt what we experience ? Mystery/memoir in comic strip form, about secret identities, shifting borders, and gaslighting. More to follow …        

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Sally Kindberg’s Stranger, a work in progress (pencil roughs)

Pencil roughs for Stranger, a work in progress, a mystery/memoir in comic strip form.  It’s moving slowly, but moving at least …

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Unreliable Memoir – work in progress

Some stories gallop along, leaping over obstacles – deadlines always help – and others are like very complicated igsaws you have to carefully fit together.  Unreliable Memoir (working title) is one of the latter, and even if I complete it, … Continue reading

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My comic strip workshop at Stillpoint London

Deep concentration and some intriguing results at last night’s comic strip workshop, at Stillpoint in Clerkenwell, with psychotherapists, writers and artists taking part. Great fun.  And biscuits. The workshop included my showing a slide show of work by comic strip … Continue reading

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