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Sally Kindberg at the Bank of England Museum again

Briefly called in yesterday to see Jenni Adam, curator of the Bank of England Museum, who commissioned me last year to do some work for the museum’s fab Gold display. Great to see Jenni again, and my illustrations and text on … Continue reading

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Pen and ink portraits of Primrose Hill people for Faces of the Hill exhibition

 Earlier this year I was asked to make portraits of three Primrose Hill characters for a Faces of the Hill exhibition in north London.  As I drew them, I asked people a few things about their lives.  The sitters were Theo, a librarian,  … Continue reading

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Part of a lovely commission from the Bank of England Museum for their fascinating exhibition about gold next spring.  Wonder if I can be paid in gold?

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Visit to Phlegm’s Bestiary exhibition

En route to Ziferblat last night, called in at Bestiary exhibition by artist Phlegm (ahem).  Wandered through a maze of rooms full of extraordinary 2D and 3D creatures.

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My comic strip workshop for families at the Jewish Museum, London

Football team loyalty? Rabbis having a revelation?  Steep learning curve for me but wonderful workshop results at a family afternoon in the Jewish Museum,  one of whose current exhibitions is about football, fans and faith.  Loved the story of QPR photographer … Continue reading

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Cartoon Correspondence exhibition travels south

In March my Shetland postcard correspondent the polymath Stephen Gordon (aka Shetland Times Cartoonist Smirk) arrived from the North wearing his kilt and bonnet, with a huge amount of luggage and complaining about his frozen knees.   Admittedly London was … Continue reading

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Meeting Mr Punch exhibition – getting ready

Much activity at the SK Studios (aka small table in back room of very small apartment) getting ready for the Meeting Mr Punch teaparty launch on sunday 9th September (3 days away in fact – yikes!) at 148 Gloucester Avenue, … Continue reading

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Wellcome visit

Last month to the Wellcome Collection, nipped in again to the excellent Brains exhibition.  Camden Council sent in their Health & Safety advisor after several visitors fainted when viewing films of ECT treatment and a brain operation – both of … Continue reading

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Giant furry things try to get into University lift

To pv of excellent Animal Gaze exhibition at Cass, part of London Metropolitan University.  As human visitors looked at the exhibits, giant furry creatures gazed at them. Several scurried off into the lift.  I believe Edwina Ashton was involved.  Wonderful. … Continue reading

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Famous Bodies

Last friday evening to fascinating Famous Bodies talk at the British Museum, to coincide with the BM’s Treasures of Heaven exhibition.  Marina Warner, Madeleine Bunting and Grayson Perry discussed the fetishisation of celebrity.  Think MW’s pic of a packet of Elvis’s sweat … Continue reading

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